New Single "Navidad Latina"

'Navidad Latina' is a lively and energetic song that describes the many different ways Latin American countries celebrate Christmas. Featuring the super talented Marcele Berger and Juan DeLuque. Add Navidad Latina to your holiday playlist!



"Luna Lunera"
"Little Hermit Crab"
New Album! "EN LA RADIO"

In her latest In her latest children's album, Nathalia demonstrates how her unique style of bilingual songwriting, undefined by genre, can sound both mainstream and family-friendly. Centered around the theme of connection, the album invites ‘radio listeners’ to explore a variety of music styles from the US and Latin America. NOW AVAILABLE!

Educational Guides

Nathalia's educational guides are great way to help learn Spanish! Each booklet includes several activities that correspond with one of her songs. Free to download!



Colombia Tour
Texas Tour
"Sueño Feliz"
"Los Planetas"