¡en la radio!

For Your Grammy® Consideration

In her latest children's album, Nathalia demonstrates how her unique style of bilingual songwriting, undefined by genre, can sound both mainstream and family-friendly. Centered around the theme of connection, En la Radio consists of 10 original songs written in English and Spanish while inviting ‘radio listeners’ to explore a variety of music styles from the US and Latin America. 




Music and Lyrics: Nathalia Palis-McLaughlin, Brian McLaughlin Produced by: Brian McLaughlin, Shafik Palis (Luna Lunera, La Rutina) Vocal Production: Brian McLaughlin, Nathalia Palis-McLaughlin Vocals: Nathalia Palis-McLaughlin Rap: Juan De Luque Background Vocals: Nathalia Palis-McLaughlin, Juan De Luque, Andrea Hammond, Brian McLaughlin Children Vocals and VO: Daniel McLaughlin, Gabriella & Sofia Silva, Zofia & Krystiana Bonner, Angelo & Giorgio Guastella, Giana, Carmela & Vance Bojarski, Abbie Mendoza, Ajal Nagy, Octavio Palacio Guitars: Daniel Jimenez Afanador, Andrés Castro, Gary Lee Banjo/Mandolin/Dobro: Jay Leach Ukulele: Shafik Palis Violin: Andrea Hammond Accordions: Albert Behar, Jorge Villa Real, Christian Peña Gaita: Tato Marenco Bass: Dustin Morgan, Andrés Castro Drums/Percussion: Brian McLaughlin Programming: Brian McLaughlin, Shafik Palis Recorded by: Brian McLaughlin, Daniel Jimenez Afanador (DJA Studios), Shafik Palis (Golden Door Productions), Miles Senzaki (Grandma’s Dojo) Mixed by: Shafik Palis (Golden Door Productions), Daniel Alba (Zampol Productions), Daniel Jimenez Afanador (DJA Studios) Mastered by: Oscar Zambrano at Zampol Productions Album Art: Orlando Korzo Photos: Joanne Leung Photography Stylist/Makeup: Jyoti Patel-Hoffman


Sounds of the Seasons (Bilingual) encourages listeners to stop and recognize the changes in sound as each season passes by. It’s also a great way to learn the names in Spanish. The opening track is performed in a popular Latin songwriting style, embodied by rhythms and instruments commonly used throughout Latin America.


Baila Conmigo (Bilingual) is a straight-up invitation to dance! With the underlying message of connection, the track reminds us of some different ways music plays a role in our lives. It’s hard to sit still in this contemporary Latin dance hit.


Luna Lunera (Spanish) Named after a common nursery rhyme, Nathalia delivers an original song about that light in the night sky that has been at the center of folkloric stories for centuries. With a shout-out to her hometown, this modern rendition is performed in a Colombian cumbia style native Nathalia’s hometown, with added urban elements. A traditional flute is layered throughout the track adding to the folkloric aesthetic in this song about the moon.


L-E-G-O, Let’s Go! (English) is a song inspired by Nathalia’s son and his passion for those iconic colorful bricks. On any day, he could spend hours connecting pieces to recreate miniature versions of the world around him. Given the ongoing popularity and variety of themes, Nathalia was never short on writing material. Check out this catchy, high-energy rock song that pays tribute to these timeless toys.


El Monstruo Verde (Spanish) explores the unpleasant experience of envy. As a licensed marriage family therapist, Nathalia believes that identifying and normalizing negative emotions is key to knowing how to manage them. Why not bring a bit of humor and imagery to the subject by making a song about it.


Little Hermit Crab (Bilingual) is a tale about the tiny resilient sea creature faced with constant change. The story is analogous to the struggles children might face while experiencing similar changes, especially those in foster care. Nathalia hopes to capture the amazing resilience and strength that children possess in this inspiring song. The track was also featured on the compilation album titled, Hold Tight, Shine Bright, released in late 2018.


Emi y el Pulpo (Spanish) is a story of an unlikely connection between a little boy and an octopus. One day, while visiting the aquarium, Emilio discovers that his octopus friend has suddenly disappeared. Tune in to find out what happens. The song style is inspired by a popular music found in Venezuela called Joropo, but adapted with non traditional instruments.


La Rutina (Spanish) is performed in the style of vallenato, a ‘story-telling’ genre of music from Colombia fronted by accordion. The song is about the tediousness that can be associated with our daily routine, but reminds us that each day is special and should never be taken for granted.


Tumbleweed (English) Popularized by Hollywood in wild west films, this iconic “plant” can be seen traveling all over. Listen to Nathalia step out of her element on this track by performing in a bluegrass style.


Amor Amor (Bilingual) is a song that highlights the different ways in which we might demonstrate love for one another. In this acoustic singer/songwriter style, Nathalia captures the essence of her unique bilingual writing and is joined by a special guest at the end.


Green-Eyed Monster (English) is the original version of El Monstruo Verde.